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Out of the mouth of babes. During the 2017 eclipse, an eight-year-old boy visiting our homestead grew more and more excited about what he was seeing and freely repeated words he learned about the eclipse from the adults around him. One thing about the eclipse this young boy said brought the effective death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ to mind.

With the sun obscured by the moon, this astute boy said to his younger brother, “When you look now you can see the totality!” This gave me pause. Not that it was an especially profound statement. What gave me pause was how, because of Christ, now when the Heavenly Father looks at me as a believer He sees the totality of Jesus Christ and not me as a sinner.

True Christians are those who have been redeemed by the blood of the Messiah and are now what we refer to as “positionally in Christ.” This position, for the believer, means our sins have been eclipsed from God’s view and instead, He sees Jesus Christ on our behalf. God knows our sins and how unworthy we are to be in His presence. However, when we are born again, we become set apart from what we were and now are perfect as Christ is perfect. Of course, this is only from God’s point of view because He sees the totality of Christ and not us.

The joy of this is that our position in Christ is just as complete for me as it is the greatest Christian that ever lived. My standing before God is no different than that person’s, where salvation is concerned. God sees us the same because He only sees Christ. This is the only way we can stand before God. For, without Christ, we would be destroyed. In Christ, we have assurance because of the totality of the effectiveness of the blood of Christ to cause my sin to no longer be counted.

If God “looked now” at you, what totality would He see?